Church is more than a place, a name, a building or a program. It is a movement. It is a movement of people loving God, studying the Bible, loving each other & living life together.

Our hope is that everyone who calls Grace home will be part of this movement. And YES – that includes you! We hope you will find opportunities to connect to this movement, and that it will help you meet some amazing people who are a part of it. We want and invite you to be resourced and equipped alongside some of them, and released back on mission together. And we want this, because our heart for you is not just that you get swept up or touched by Grace Church, but that you will also become an integral part of it. Because we care about your connection, crisis and personal growth, we have designed groups for this in mind so you can become part of this Grace movement, below is a brief description of the different types of groups we offer:

Summer Groups

Myrna and Stanley Brown-
Start date: June 11th
Time and day of the week: 9:30 on Sundays
Location:  The Farm House at New Hope


Kitty and Tom Rau
Start Date:  June 7th
Time and day of the week: 7pm on Wednesday's
Location: 1925 Tribble Valley Drive, Lawrenceville


Sonia and Craig Lipsey- Parents of High School students
Starting date:  May 31st
Time and day of the week: 7pm Wednesday’s
Location: 1581 Water Lily Way, Lawrenceville


Brandon and Sandy Sisson-
Start date:  May 24rd
Time and day of the week:  7:00pmWednesdays
Location:  183 Sweet Branch Court, Grayson


Vanessa and Time Bronkema- families with children are welcome
Start date:  June 10th
Time and Day of the week: Sunday’s at 5pm
Location: 3819 Bay Cove Trail, Loganville


Betsy and Caleb Santos- For ages 18-27
Start date: June 1
Time and day of the week: 7:30pm, on Thursday’s
Location: 1001 Richmond place way, Loganville


George and Bennette Kashella
Start date: June 4th
Location:   Steve and Heather Leo’s house
2411 Tennyson TrlGrayson
Time:  4pm


We want everyone to join a family on mission, so if you’re looking to get connected or want to learn more please contact