WEEK NINE // Anthem of Hope- Micah (Part Two)

Verse of the week: He has told you, O man, what is good and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? -Micah 6:8  

Day one: Consider the sermon and review Micah 6:1-8. What did you learn, question of disagree with?  How do you apply this text?Day two: Read Psalm 19.  What do verses 7-11 say about the law of God?  What does our culture say about where we gain wisdom from?  How can you put the Word of God into action in your life?
Day three: Meditate on Micah 6:8.  What are you learning about how to put this verse into action in your life?
Day four: Spend some extra time today praying for people who do not have justice.  
Day five: Ok, this one is way out there, but write a Psalm, prayer poem or song about justice, the love of God or how to walk with him.  Email me a copy if you like- randy@gfc.tv

Discussion questions:
What is good about your life?  
Soul: What are some areas of your life that need justice and you are not sure how to move forward in?
Mind: Discuss the devotion for day 2. 
Strength: How would you answer the question of Micah 6:8?

WEEK NINE // Anthem of Hope- Micah (Part One)

Verse of the week: Who is a God like you, pardoning iniquity and passing over transgression for the remnant of his inheritance? He does not retain his anger forever, because he delights in steadfast love. -Micah 7:18  

Day one: Review the sermon notes. How did this hit you?  If you have some questions feel free to email Randy- randy@gfc.tv. We will be posting some of these anonymously on facebook this week to discuss. 
Day two: Read 3:5-7.  Who are some pastors or other spiritual leaders that have either encouraged or hurt you?  Spend some time thanking or praying through this. 
Day three:  Read 7:5-6, inserting names into the places where it mentions family members.  Pray for them, trusting God to bring healing into your life or forgiveness into yours.  Are there things you need to repent of to a family member? 
Day four: Read 7:8-12 inserting names of people in your life in the spaces that fit.  For example in 7:8- put a name in there for someone that is an enemy. Are you in greater need of renewal or repentance?   Pursue them through another believer and in your prayer time this week.
Day five:  Spend some time meditating on 7:7-9 and 18-20.  Listen to the old hymn, Jesus paid it all and Pat Barrett’s song Canvas and the Clay. 

Discussion questions:
Mind: Discuss the points of the sermon.  What hit you, what do you question or not understand? Are you in greater need of renewal or repentance?   Pursue them through another believer and in your prayer time this week.
Heart: The most pain you can have is from those you love. How has this impacted you?  How has God used these things in your life to show his great love and direction for you?
Soul:  If you could change some things you have done to those you love over the years, what would it be?
Strength:  Look at the devotional for day 4, how hard is this to do for you?  How is this greatly freeing? 

WEEK EIGHT // Anthem of Hope- Hosea

Day one: Read Chapter 1
Look: Why does God ask Hosea to marry Gomer? What is the significance of the names of their children?
Understand: This chapter is a prophecy about Israel’s future. God will discipline them for their wickedness, but his wrath will not last forever. He will redeem his people and bless them.
Grow: Is God the only lover of your life?

Day two: Look: Read 2:14 – 3:5

Look: Why does God ask Hosea to “love his wife again”?
Understand: God desires to win the hearts of his people back to him. The names of Hosea’s children mean “not loved” & “not my people.” They symbolize God’s relationship with Israel at that time yet, despite their infidelity God will love them and call them his people. 
Grow: What similarities do you see between yourself & Gomer? Where do you see God’s faithfulness in your life?

Day three: Look: Read Chapter 14
Look: What promises does God make to those who return to him?
Understand: The Israelites had turned away from God 
Grow: What would it look like to return to God & make him the primary lover of your life?

Discussion Questions:
Heart: Read Hosea 11:1-4. When you think about God’s love, what emotions arise in you?
Soul: Hosea encouraged the people of Israel to get back on the right track. Do you have people in your life who keep you accountable to God’s word, and do you do that for someone else?
Mind: The last verse of Hosea calls us to understand, to listen, & to walk. As you read through Hosea, do you have a deeper understanding of God’s love for you & how to reciprocate that love back to him?
Strength: Randy often says, “what you give your time to is what you give your life to.” What do you give your time to? Is spending time with God a priority? If not, confess that to the Lord & return to him. Carve out intentional time with him daily.

WEEK SEVEN // Anthem of Hope- Jonah (part two)

Day one: Review the sermon and the texts.  What did you learn or question from the teaching?  
Day two: Prayerfully consider making out a prayer list. Use the prayer insert for guidance.
Day three: Listen to Canvas and the Clay by Pat Barrett.  How has God used even your sins and mistakes to shape you into what he longs for you to be? 
Day four: Watch the video on Micah go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/Micah/ 

Discussion Questions:
Who is someone that you know that began a walk with God you would have never seen coming? 
Soul: What obstacles do you have towards prayer? 
Mind: Discuss the sermon.  What did you learn, disagree or question?
Strength: Begin to pray for 3 people to have God talks.

WEEK SIX // Anthem of Hope- Jonah (part one)

Day one: Read Chapter 1
Look: How did God get Jonah’s attention?
Understand: God calls Jonah to proclaim judgement on Nineveh, but Jonah objects and does the opposite.
Grow: Could it be that certain things you’re experiencing in life are warning signs from God to get you back on the right path? 

Day two: Read Chapter 3
Look: What did the Ninevites do to show repentance?
Understand: Verse 10 say that the Ninevites turned from their evil ways. Repentance means a change of lifestyle, not simply asking God for forgiveness.
Grow: Is there anything you need to repent of?

Day three: Read 4:1-4
Look: How did Jonah respond to God’s mercy?
Understand: Jonah was angry when God showed Nineveh mercy because the people of Nineveh (Assyrians) had been enemies of the Jews for hundreds of years. Jonah wanted them to be wiped out.  
Grow: Are you holding a grudge against someone who’s wronged you?

Day four: Watch the video on Micah to prepare for next week’s sermon. Go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/Micah/ 

Discussion Questions:
Heart: Who told you about Jesus? To whom have you been called?
Soul: Have there been believers in your life that have wounded you or others? Would you see them as fools or wicked?
Mind: What hit you from the sermon? What disagreements or questions do you have?
Strength: How can you apply this to your life? 

WEEK FIVE // Anthem of Hope- Isaiah (part two)

Day one: Read Isaiah 52:7-2
Look: What is it that the messenger is bringing?
Understand: The term gospel literally means “good news.” In verse 7 it says that the really good part of all of it is that your God reigns. There are some promises and cautions in these verses. How do you think they go together? 
Grow: Our salvation comes from Jesus, and what he did on the cross, but that does not mean we do not seek to purify ourselves.  That means that we put off things that harm our amity to be a voice for God.  How does that compare to Hebrews 12:1-2?  

Day two: Read 52:13-53:7
Look: What kind of treatment does the suffering servant have to go through?
Understand: 53:4 tells us what his purpose was, and the typical response of people to Jesus. When you read these verses how does it make you feel about Jesus?
Grow: How is 53:6 both negative and positive? 

Day three: Read Isaiah 53:7-12
Look: What does it say the actions were of the suffering servant?
Understand: This is one of the most direct prophecies of who Jesus would be.  It leaves no doubt that the one it speaks of is Jesus. 
Grow: What does 53:12 say is the main current role of Jesus?  Tell him your requests and let him make intercession.

Day four: Watch the video on Jonah go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/jonah/ 

Discussion Questions:
Heart:  Who is someone that has suffered or sacrificed for you?  How does that make you feel?
Soul: Chapter 52 sets up chapter 53 as we would be witnesses of who Jesus is. What is hard about sharing your faith? 
Mind: Do you know how to share the gospel? There are three main parts:
1. Your story- How you came to know Jesus
2. Why Jesus- what the gospel is and why it is Jesus
3. What difference does it make?  Why do we need to follow Jesus.
Strength: Spend some time working on telling the story of hope to someone else.

WEEK FOUR // Anthem of Hope- Isaiah (part one)

Day one: Read Isaiah Chapter 1
Look: What does God say pleases him?
Understand: There are several stories and traditions listed in this chapter that the readers would have understood but may be unfamiliar to us. The story of Sodomm and Gomoarah was where God judged entire cities for their sin. Isaiah says that there was nothing learned from that judgement. Then he says that the acts of worship in both coming to the temple and celebrating the great feasts are spoiled because of the way God’s people are treating others. 
Grow: When have you seen sin hurt others?  What can you learn from that?

Day two: Read Isaiah 6:1-13
Look: What happens in the story?
Understand: The death of King Uzziah marked the end of a time of peace and prosperity. It was in this moment that Isaiah had a vision of who God truly was. Often in our life the hard times mark the times we learn and grow the most. 
Grow: Chapter 6:13 talks about the Oak tree stump and there being seed in it. This type of tree can have new life from what appears to be totally destroyed. Does this verse apply to you or anyone you know now?  Send them a note or journal yourself about this hope. 

Day three: Read Isaiah 25 
Look: What are some of the promises stated?
Understand: In the midst of the warnings of this book is this promise. God has not forgotten his people and God is at work to save them. A promise is made in 25:8, what is that promise?
Grow: The first line of chapter 25 makes a very strong statement that impacts the rest of the chapter, God is called My God. The great preacher Martin Lloyd Jones would often ask this question as he was preaching about God, “do you know him?” Spend some time today meditating on verse 1.  

Day four:
Watch the video on Isaiah. Go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/isaiah/ 

Discussion Questions:
Heart:  If you were to speak of the hardest things you have ever been through what would some of them be? 
Soul: What makes hard things hard?  That answer could be different to each person?
Mind: More than any book of the Old Testament, Isaiah proclaims things that have not happened and points to Jesus as the true messiah. It is a book that contains strong proofs that God and Jesus are real and true. What are some questions that you have about God’s truth and reality that you need answers to?
Strength: Read Isaiah 1:16-17  Put this into words that fit the world you live in.

WEEK THREE // Anthem of Hope- Amos

Day one: Read Amos Chapter 1
Look: Who are the neighboring countries  God is going to judge? 
Understand: It is hard to understand exactly what God is saying without some background knowledge, but what do you think the central theme of the punishment is about? 
Grow: Do you see anything in these sins that happens at your school?  How can we help make things better?

Day two: Read Amos Chapter 3
Look: What are some of the meptahors God uses to call his people to repentance?
Understand: What does God say in 3:2 to his people?
Grow:  Read Hebrews 12:5-11. What does this teach us about discipline? 

Day three: Read Amos Chapter 5:18-24
Look: What does God not care about and what does he care about?
Understand: Does this mean God does not want us to worship him?
Grow: How can you live out God’s justice in your school and family? 

Day four: Watch the video on Isaiah go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/isaiah/ 

Discussion Questions:
Heart: When have you been corrected or punished for something you deserved?  How did it feel?
Soul: What is the danger of getting away with sin?  When has that hurt you?
Mind: Amos 5:18-24 is a famous passage that Dr. King quoted from in his August 28, 1963 speech in Washington.  Listen to that speech. What does it say to us today?
Strength: Who can you bring justice to in your life?  Maybe even by saying sorry to them for something you have done. 

WEEK TWO // Anthem of Hope- Joel

Day one: Read Joel chapter 1 
Look: Who are the major characters? What happens in the story?
Understand: What is the central problem that is happening?
Grow: If God were writing us a letter like this  today what would he say?

Day two: Read Joel chapter 2:12-17
Look: Who are the major characters? What happens in the story?
Understand: What changes in the story from chapter 1?
Grow: Consider how God wants to do these same things in your family and school today?

Day three: Read Joel 2:18-32
Look: What happens in the story?
Understand: What does God promise will be different when he shows compassion?
Grow: Verse 28 says that the young people will have vision and old people will have dreams.  What would you like to do in the world to make it better?

Day four: Watch Amos video below or go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/amos/ 

Discussion Questions:
Heart: What makes your heart sad about the world today?   
The last 100 years have seen an incredible amount of violence and pain. What do you think causes the sin and death that exist in the world today?
Mind: God promises that one day things will be different, do you think that is possible? Why or why not?
Strength: What can you (we ) do to change our families, our school and the world? How much begins with individual repentance?

WEEK ONE // Anthem of Hope

Day one: Read 1 Kings 18
Look: Who are the major characters? What happens in the story?
Understand: Why do you think Elijah was so confident? When is your faith the strongest?
Grow: Watch for moments today when you are called on to stand for Jesus.

Day two: Read 1 Kings 19
Look: Who are the major characters?What happens in the story?
Understand: Why is Elijah so afraid now?
Grow: When is your faith the weakest? Remember to listen for God in the hard times, he is speaking. 

Day three: Read 2 Kings 5
Look: Who are the major characters?
Understand: What happens in the story? What were both Naaman and Gehazi tempted by?
Grow:  Who are the winners and the losers in the story?

Discussion Questions:
Heart: What are the things that tend to pull your heart from following Jesus? Is it hurts, fears or desires that you wrestle with the most?
Soul: How do you know when you are starting to pull away from following Jesus? What are the symptoms?
Mind: How do Elijah and Gehazi differ in what they wrestle with? How do you connect to those two temptations?
Strength: What can we learn from what God says to Elijah in this story?  

To explore the book of Kings more go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/1-2-kings/ and watch the video below>