WEEK THREE // Anthem of Hope- Amos

Day one: Read Amos Chapter 1
Look: Who are the neighboring countries  God is going to judge? 
Understand: It is hard to understand exactly what God is saying without some background knowledge, but what do you think the central theme of the punishment is about? 
Grow: Do you see anything in these sins that happens at your school?  How can we help make things better?

Day two: Read Amos Chapter 3
Look: What are some of the meptahors God uses to call his people to repentance?
Understand: What does God say in 3:2 to his people?
Grow:  Read Hebrews 12:5-11. What does this teach us about discipline? 

Day three: Read Amos Chapter 5:18-24
Look: What does God not care about and what does he care about?
Understand: Does this mean God does not want us to worship him?
Grow: How can you live out God’s justice in your school and family? 

Day four: Watch the video on Isaiah go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/isaiah/ 

Discussion Questions:
Heart: When have you been corrected or punished for something you deserved?  How did it feel?
Soul: What is the danger of getting away with sin?  When has that hurt you?
Mind: Amos 5:18-24 is a famous passage that Dr. King quoted from in his August 28, 1963 speech in Washington.  Listen to that speech. What does it say to us today?
Strength: Who can you bring justice to in your life?  Maybe even by saying sorry to them for something you have done. 

WEEK TWO // Anthem of Hope- Joel

Day one: Read Joel chapter 1 
Look: Who are the major characters? What happens in the story?
Understand: What is the central problem that is happening?
Grow: If God were writing us a letter like this  today what would he say?

Day two: Read Joel chapter 2:12-17
Look: Who are the major characters? What happens in the story?
Understand: What changes in the story from chapter 1?
Grow: Consider how God wants to do these same things in your family and school today?

Day three: Read Joel 2:18-32
Look: What happens in the story?
Understand: What does God promise will be different when he shows compassion?
Grow: Verse 28 says that the young people will have vision and old people will have dreams.  What would you like to do in the world to make it better?

Day four: Watch Amos video below or go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/amos/ 

Discussion Questions:
Heart: What makes your heart sad about the world today?   
The last 100 years have seen an incredible amount of violence and pain. What do you think causes the sin and death that exist in the world today?
Mind: God promises that one day things will be different, do you think that is possible? Why or why not?
Strength: What can you (we ) do to change our families, our school and the world? How much begins with individual repentance?

WEEK ONE // Anthem of Hope

Day one: Read 1 Kings 18
Look: Who are the major characters? What happens in the story?
Understand: Why do you think Elijah was so confident? When is your faith the strongest?
Grow: Watch for moments today when you are called on to stand for Jesus.

Day two: Read 1 Kings 19
Look: Who are the major characters?What happens in the story?
Understand: Why is Elijah so afraid now?
Grow: When is your faith the weakest? Remember to listen for God in the hard times, he is speaking. 

Day three: Read 2 Kings 5
Look: Who are the major characters?
Understand: What happens in the story? What were both Naaman and Gehazi tempted by?
Grow:  Who are the winners and the losers in the story?

Discussion Questions:
Heart: What are the things that tend to pull your heart from following Jesus? Is it hurts, fears or desires that you wrestle with the most?
Soul: How do you know when you are starting to pull away from following Jesus? What are the symptoms?
Mind: How do Elijah and Gehazi differ in what they wrestle with? How do you connect to those two temptations?
Strength: What can we learn from what God says to Elijah in this story?  

To explore the book of Kings more go to https://thebibleproject.com/explore/1-2-kings/ and watch the video below>