DEVOS for 6/11 - 6/15

HEART: This is best wrapped up as what are you feeling? Throughout scripture, and most notability in the Psalms, we see heart reactions recorded, regardless of whether those reactions were accurate in response to God or inaccurate. There seems to be a freedom in scripture to process our feelings. This is done by writing what is felt in a situation.

MIND: This is best framed as what is truth in this situation? I have learned that the conviction of the Holy Spirit and
my emotional needs not being met, feel the same to me. It is the application of truth to the situation that produces a true biblical reaction. Using a concordance, take the time to analyze the emotions expressed in step one and look for what Scripture says about the situation.

SOUL: The soul is our essence, our character. To a great extent the soul is the combination of our emotions and our mind. It is how others perceive us. When we come to the soul section of the Kairos Circle we want to consider how are
the experiences and truth impacting my life? How are they changing who I am at my deepest levels? This is the place we most deeply analyze the hurts of our lives including: why do we react the way that we do, why do we feel abandoned, mistrusted or unvalued?

STRENGTH: This is the true action step of the Kairos Circle . In this section we take our emotions, the truth of scripture, and our character and develop a plan of action to move forward in life. An important part of this is accountability. Having a plan in place in which our discipler helps us monitor our progress in truly moving forward.

Listen to Audio Adrenaline - So Can I (written by Juan)