The Grace Cornhole League 

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A 7 week long league that is built around the idea of having a competitive nature, but also joining together for a greater goal. Starting Thursday June 7th at 6:30 we will be hosting a weekly cornhole league that is family oriented, community shaping, and driven to send kids to camp. The league fees are $75 per a two person team . (Find a way to split it up) Each player receives a meal for free. All the money raised from this league will help send our next generation to their age church camp. Here at Grace New Hope we desire to invest into our neighbors and what better way than joining together to play one of America's favorite past times CORNHOLE. One simple game could spark a relationship for the ages. We want to help grow the community and by doing so sending kids to camp. 

Click here to register for this league online. Credit Card & Cash are permitted also. 

*You can register for this league at Grace New Hope each Sunday.

*Alcohol will not be permitted at these events.  


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