Every dime you give is a blessing. Why, you might ask? Your giving helps us provide for others in need. Here at Grace New Hope we are absolutely and completely thankful for your generosity. Our mission has been and continues to be reaching the nations, next generations, and neighborhoods, which is only made possible by Jesus and you!

Grace New Hope Giving
Giving financially is simple and convenient at Grace New Hope. We have outlined several options below enabling you to give anywhere or anytime. Should you have any questions concerning giving at Grace New Hope, please contact Rhonda@gfc.tv.


New Hope Identity
If you would like your giving to go toward Grace New Hope, it is very important that you follow the instructions below. Otherwise your giving will most likely not be designated to New Hope. All giving is tied to your my.gfc.tv account (also known as Grace Access) and will be recorded there for your records. We mail out a giving record after the first of the year, but you can access your giving record from your account. Our New Hope staff does not have access to your giving record.


Mobile Giving
Securely text any amount to 770-809-6155. After you set this up (it takes about 3 minutes) you can text to give anytime. This can be tied to a debit or credit card. It is however very important that you use only 770-809-6155 if you want your gift to go to New Hope. Upon giving you will receive a text receipt and should you make an error, you can correct it  then.


Online Giving (my.gfc.tv)
My.gfc.tv is a secure tool that will help you remain faithful in your stewardship anytime and anywhere.
Click here to visit the online giving page or click here to create an account (if you do not already have one), which will give you access to additional features. These features include the ability to view your giving history and/or manage your scheduled contributions. It is very important that any gifts given through Grace access are marked GRACE NEW HOPE.  In addition if you would like New Hope to be your campus of record please check that at My.gfc.tv Should you need help with this email Rhonda@gfc.tv.


Sunday Offering
Any money put in the offering in cash or checks will go towards Grace New Hope. Should you desire to designate money towards a specific area, such as building fund, please use an envelope. Checks will be added towards your giving profile at My.gfc.tv  Cash gifts need to be marked in a giving envelope to be added towards your giving record.


Giving Kiosk
If you’re on campus, you can use a debit or credit card at the Giving KIosks located at the back of the auditorium to give offerings quickly, safely, securely. You need to be registered at my.gfc.tv before you use this for the first time. You can swipe any card at the giving kiosk.

Giving Boxes
Boxes are located above the water fountains or by the Giving Kiosks located at the back of the auditorium.


Donations of other assets
Stocks, vehicles, boats and other items can be given to the church.
Please contact Randy Rainwater (randy@gfc.tv)