Quick 5 Question Survey. To better meet the needs of adults at Grace New Hope, we need your input. Please take a quick minute to answer the following 5 questions.
Outside of Sunday morning church attendance, would you make additional time to participate in an adult education elective at some other time during the week?
If you would make time for an adult education elective, what other day & time would be preferable for you to participate in this? On what frequency could you participate?
What Time of Day would be best to meet?
How often would you like to meet?
If interested in an adult education elective, how many hours would you give to attending each gathering?
What would you want to study?
In what format do you prefer to learn?
Would you want to teach an elective?

Church is more than a place, a name, a building or a program. It is a movement. It is a movement of people loving God, studying the Bible, loving each other & living life together.

Our hope is that everyone who calls Grace home will be part of this movement. And YES – that includes you! We hope you will find opportunities to connect to this movement, and that it will help you meet some amazing people who are a part of it. We want and invite you to be resourced and equipped alongside some of them, and released back on mission together. And we want this, because our heart for you is not just that you get swept up or touched by Grace Church, but that you will also become an integral part of it. Because we care about your connection, crisis and personal growth, we have designed groups for this in mind so you can become part of this Grace movement, below is a brief description of the different types of groups we offer. Also at the very bottom of the page we have a place you can sign up to let us know you are interested in joining a group!


Sunday Morning

9:30 am

The Art of Parenting- Main room at the Farm House

New Friends- 1st Sunday of each Month (Guest Rm)


Joining The Family – 11:00 Last Sunday of the Month (Guest Rm)

Cancer Care- Meets at 11:00 in the guest room, once a month. Please contact Dick Howard.  rkh1945@gamilcom


Sunday Afternoon  

1. Called to Love- 2-4pm  in the guest room.

2. Stephen’s Ministry – New Summit/ Chapel 2-5pm

3. Harvesting New Hope – At the home of Therese and Mark Rinehart . 4-7pm.  email:  (216) 832-8842


SUNDAY evening

1.  Big North- 2nd  and last Sunday –5-7pm  For HS students. Email:

2. Special Needs students-1st and 3rd Sunday 5-6:30pm (Student room)

3. Parents of Special Needs children- 1st and 3rd Sunday  5-6:30pm(Guest Room)

4. Dave Ramsey (financial peace)– 5:15pm.  At the New Hope Farm House. Contact

5. Young Marrieds – The Trail Meet on 1st, 3rd, and 5th.  Childcare provided. 5-6:30pm.  Contact:  

6. Foundation-  For newly wed to 4 yrs. Married. Meets at the home of Erin & Dustin Mattox. Email:

Wednesday evening

Stranger on the Road-  Have you always wanted to know more about the Bible but found it be too complicated to understand?  This is the class for you!   
Join Pat and Tom Vanderhorst at their home for a study, The Stranger On The Road to Emmaus. Wednesdays from 6:15-8:00pm  2995 Camp Mitchell Rd, Loganville, Ga. Email:    



1. Ministry in Motion- For those who are 50 yrs. And older- 6:30pm At the home of Tom and Pat Vanderhorst.  Email:

2. Explore The Bible- 6:45pm at the home of Pam Holley.  Email: or call (404) 702-9318



1. guys and gravy- 5:30am. Men’s Fraternity. Meets in the student room.  Begins Sept. 12th. Studying the book, “Man in the mirror.”  Lead by Matt Williams. Email:



  1. Women’s Event – Sept. 21st at 7pm (Auditorium)

  2. Connect- For Women 7pm Meets in the Auditorium  (Oct. 12th, Nov. 9th, Jan. 11th, March 8th)

  3. The Middle-  7pm. Meets at the home of the Sonia & Craig Lipsey. Parents of teens/college. Email:



1. Seasoned by Grace-  Meets every Friday night at 2-3 different homes.  Folks mostly from 55-75 years of age. Contact Dan Caudell.



1. Men's Group –8am. Meets every Sat. morning at Grayson Coffee House. Contact:


OTHER Gatherings:

  1. Widows ministry-

  2. New Teacher Survival 101- For new teachers. Sharon will come along side you to help you get through the first years of becoming a teacher. Contact:

  3. Cancer Care- A monthly gathering that prays, cries and encourages patients and families dealing with cancer & other chronic illnesses. Contact


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