*Devotions Updated Weekly*

Kairos Small Group Questions

Heart- When have you been invited into something special?  How did that make you feel?  Do you feel invited or coerced into your faith?

Soul- What are some things you have witnessed in your life that have shown you the power of the Kingdom of Heaven? Lean into the statement that “every disciple must be making disciples.” What do you think about that- is it encouraging or discouraging?

Mind- Why is an understanding of Matthew’s teaching about Jesus’ identity up to this point so crucial to understanding Jesus’ command to “Follow Me”? What would your friends say about the question “Who is Jesus”?

Strength- What does not making disciples cost us as the Church & even in our nation and world? How have we watered down the Good News in our culture & why is that incompatible with the call to follow Jesus? How can you live out the call in your life?

A daily plan of time with God 

Heart-Reflect back on yesterday, write down the best and the worst part of the day. What was your Kairos?

Soul-Pray through the Lord’s Prayer. Focus on each section. Write a list of people you are praying for in the back of your journal or Bible. This week we are learning the first of 20 memory verses for the year. Say the verse each day, write it out on a bathroom mirror, a card or your phone.  Text it to each other in your family.

Mind- Read through the daily prompts listed out below. Write out your thoughts and learnings in your journal.

Strength- Ask how this time will impact your life and relationships. Pray with expectation and worship as you live out the rest of the day.

Day by Day

Monday: Reflect on the sermon. What did you learn or disagree with? How does it impact you? Feel free to interact with the blog page or facebook page. 

Tuesday: Meditate on the verse of the week (write it out, repeat it) Matthew 28:18-20

Wednesday: Journal through the Kairos group questions.

 Thursday: Read Ephesians 2:1-22. How does this chapter speak to you?

Friday: These are two old songs about the call of Christ in our life. They still call out to my soul.  The first is Steven Curtis Chapman, https://youtu.be/-Q5cTsNMJTE. The second is Keith Green. To be honest it is a little caustic, but it was one that moved me to a different path in life. https://youtu.be/7XeEL0mRBHo

Saturday: Read about Jos and Sylvia who will be teaching us on Sunday. https://christshope.org/about-us/