GraceKidz is the Children’s Ministry of Grace and includes Nursery through 5th Grade. Our goal is to supplement the families of Grace in their building of a spiritual foundation so that in God’s timing, their child will be led into a personal, growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

GraceKidz Core Values
GraceKidz will teach the Bible accurately and relevantly to kids.
GraceKidz will intentionally shepherd children.
GraceKidz will teach children how to encounter God and respond to Him through worship.
GraceKidz will equip children to share God’s love with others.
GraceKidz will be a safe place.
GraceKidz will be kid-friendly.

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“So that the next generation might know…” (Psalm 78:6)

Grace New Hope Student Ministries serves middle and high school students and their families in the Archer, Grayson, Loganville, Dacula, and Central Gwinnett school districts.

God created each individual student and gave him or her unique gifts and passions. He did so not only for his or her benefit or the benefit of others, but for the benefit of His Kingdom. It is our desire to see students actively participate in the purposes for which they were created and become the men and women that God created them to be.


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Our grace groups, are groups of people about the same size as an extended family with a strong value on life together as a family and a common vision/mission to bring the Kingdom to a neighborhood or network of relationships. There are several communities currently meeting throughout Grayson area, as well as others getting started. They range from similar life-stage groups (i.e. married couples) to groups centered on passions and gifts.

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