Taught by Peter Meents, this class will explain the significance and the evidence behind the most important event in

Christian faith: the resurrection. Christianity stands or falls on whether Jesus really did rise from the dead, but many people have never examined the resurrection in-depth and have no real answer for objections made by unbelievers. Having no answer, they find themselves uncertain and even intimidated. When we have solid answers to objections to the resurrection, it gives us far greater boldness to share the gospel and have confidence in what we believe. A great book to purchase is Josh McDowell’s newest book Evidence That Demands a Verdict (updated edition).

PETER MEENTS is the headmaster at Heritage Classical Study Center. He teaches history, literature, and Latin. Happily married to Janene for 37 years, they have four grown children: Ian, Abbey (who attends GNH with her husband, Mat, and sons, Harvey and George), Kate and Connor. We have two other grandsons by Kate -- Leo and Isaac, and another on the way. I love God, my family, my lab mix, Grendel, my students, thought-provoking conversation, great books, teaching, travel and Liverpool FC.