Empower U

What is Empower U?
Empower U is an ongoing training program that develops leaders for Kingdom work. This involves internships for high school and college students, residency programs for adults and this new aspect of our training, Empower U classes. 

So what are Empower U classes?
These are classes that meet once a month and are designed to give information to those who want to do ministry either as a volunteer or as a first step towards life-long pastoral ministry. 

What is the reason for the classes?
Discipleship has always been a key part of the ministry of Grace. Sometimes discipleship is life-on-life -- mentoring those who come alongside you in what you know, or more importantly, who you are (organic). Discipleship is also information-based -- teaching skills and background information on the history of our faith (systematic). I believe that the Grace family has done a great job with organic discipleship. These classes will take our systematic discipleship to the next level. 

What initiated the understanding of the need for systematic discipleship? 
When I was in Cambodia with the Lydia Project in November, I saw that they were doing both parts very well. They were raising up leaders through life-on-life training, along with having 4 weeks of educational training per year for the new ministry candidates. They were doing our model, but I think doing it in a more complete way. The results have been exponential growth in the lives of the new ministers & in church plants. 



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Sunday, Feb. 11th from 5:00-7:00pm.

If you have any questions email hope@gfc.tv.


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Empower U FAQ:

Is this just for young people?
No. While middle and high school students are welcome, it is for every age. 

What will we be learning?
There is an overview of the classes on the back of this handout. We are still working on the materials, but I think this is a general plan for where we are going. Of course, we are open to listening to your ideas. 

How often will these meet? What happens in the class?
Each class is a one-time, self-standing, event. They will meet most often on a Sunday night from 5-7:30 pm. The class could involve lecture, media, Q&A and even some role play, depending on the subject.

What are the class requirements? How does this work?
Well, of course, if you are going to learn, some effort is required.  There is a recommended reading list that will have at least an hour of reading to be done before the class meets. After the class meets, there is an online response form that will take around 30 minutes to fill out. There will be other books you can use as a reference if you like. 

What is the point of the response form?
This goes back to the organic nature of discipleship. Our staff or ministry leaders will follow-up with you and help you apply what you have learned in ministry. 

How often should I attend?
We would hope that you would shoot for 4-6 classes per year. You are welcome to take more than this, of course.

How are they arranged?
There are three tracks. The first is more basic and informational, the second is more about application and mission while the third is focused on personal spiritual development. Basically, they are set up on a track per year basis. We will celebrate the completion of each track with a certificate and a celebration. 

Can I take these with friends or those I minister with?
Yes, of course. That is the best way to do it!

When does this begin? 
Our first night is Sunday, February 11 from 5-7:30 pm and the second is Sunday, March 18 from 5-7:30 pm. 

Can I bring my kids?
The material is appropriate for middle school and above. So, that is up to you.

Is childcare offered?
We will offer onsite childcare on a limited basis -- 3-year-olds (potty-trained) through 5th graders --and stipends for those who request them for younger kids to be able to stay with a babysitter of your choice at home. When you register, there will be a place on the form which allows you to RSVp for childcare or request the stipend. You must RSVP for childcare one week in advance of the class so we can plan accordingly. 

Where will the classes be?
Classes will be at New Hope and at homes in the area. We will make it clear where they are when you register.

Will there be coffee?  
Seriously? This is Grace.

How do I signup?
Please fill out the form above.

I have more questions.
Email Anita@gfc.tv.


Empower U : Classes


Taught by Stephanie Gilbert and Stephanie Miller. When challenges enter our lives, challenging emotions enter, too. Our emotions are strongly linked together with what we believe and value; therefore, we tend to ignore challenging emotions. This ultimately stifles the growth of our relationship with Him. This course is designed to help you better understand some of these hard emotions and the emotional traps that we can fall into. Once you know more about how to identify and process challenging emotions, you open yourself up to the power of the Holy Spirit and what He wants to do through you.

MAIN TEXT: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Other great reads: Unglued by Lisa Terkeurst, Boundries by Cloud and Townsend, Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado.

STEPHANIE GILBERT and her family have been part of the Grace Family of Churches for about 15 years. She works as a certified fitness professional leading classes at The Wellness Studio in Grayson and About Mind and Body in

Snellville. It was her struggles with depression and anxiety that ultimately led her to fitness and exercise – the most under-utilized anti-depressant – as a career. Stephanie has become an advocate for mental health and wants to help eliminate the stigma it seems to have within the Church. Through her own struggles, including several hospitalizations and years of therapy, God has been ever-present while demonstrating His unconditional love. He has given Stephanie a passion and a vision to minister to and care for those who are hurting and struggling. This desire led her to partner with Stephanie Miller and Grace New Hope to launch and lead Stephen Ministry. She is married to Kevin and together they have three boys, Neal, Eli, and Andrew.

STEPHANIE MILLER was originally born and raised in Wisconsin, but now calls Grayson home after relocating with her husband and two daughters in 2011. Growing up in a household of domestic violence where everyday life was unstable and volatile, she experienced brokenness on a personal level and watched her mother struggle with anxiety and depression to the point of hospitalization. As a teen and adult, she has subsequently dealt with her own anxiety and depression. She feels that in her brokenness, God’s plan was to raise her up with a heart of service for His people who are emotionally unhealthy.

Inspired by His divine plan for her, Stephanie has pursued this path consistently over the past 11 years. She led local Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS, Inc.) groups and eventually founded the Grace MOPS group at Grace Snellville (now Grace Moms) while serving as the Southeast Area Coordinator training and supporting 120 local teams across four states. In 2017, Stephanie co-founded the

Stephen Ministry program at Grace New Hope and is currently one of three Stephen Leaders. Stephanie has earned degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Carroll University and will be graduating from Liberty University this May with a Master’s in Professional Counseling. She currently serves at Barrow Ministry Village in Winder where she counsels individuals dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, and trauma.


Taught by Peter Meents, this class will explain the significance and the evidence behind the most important event in

Christian faith: the resurrection. Christianity stands or falls on whether Jesus really did rise from the dead, but many people have never examined the resurrection in-depth and have no real answer for objections made by unbelievers. Having no answer, they find themselves uncertain and even intimidated. When we have solid answers to objections to the resurrection, it gives us far greater boldness to share the gospel and have confidence in what we believe. A great book to purchase is Josh McDowell’s newest book Evidence That Demands a Verdict (updated edition).

PETER MEENTS is the headmaster at Heritage Classical Study Center. He teaches history, literature, and Latin. Happily married to Janene for 37 years, they have four grown children: Ian, Abbey (who attends GNH with her husband, Mat, and sons, Harvey and George), Kate and Connor. We have two other grandsons by Kate -- Leo and Isaac, and another on the way. I love God, my family, my lab mix, Grendel, my students, thought-provoking conversation, great books, teaching, travel and Liverpool FC.


Want to understand how to move “community” from being the latest buzzword to a shared experience with other believers? Come join the discussion and see how small group involvement does just that. This course taught by Barbara Goodgame and George Kashella will show you how to engage and lead small groups.

BARB GOODGAME has a professional background in Communications and Education directed by a life-long and passionate love for God. For more than 35 years, Barbara has taught, spoken and trained all ages in advancing God’s kingdom in the hearts of people.

GEORGE KASHELLA has been an educator for 20 years, having taught Kindergarten, 3rd grade and the severely autistic. For the last seven years, he has been an Assistant Principal in the Gwinnett County School System, most recently at Cooper ES. George holds a BS in early childhood education from Toccoa Falls College and an MS in educational leadership from Mercer University, along with a Bible degree. He has been involved in church ministry for 30 years. He serves in Children’s Ministry as the Big Kidz Bible teacher on Wednesday nights. He also leads a men’s Bible study twice a month and a small group for couples. None of that is equal to his love for his wife, Bennette, and children Bailey, Riley and Ansley.


All of us are gifted differently in order to serve God’s Kingdom. This course allows you to determine your areas of gifting and help you realize your God-given purpose. Using an online diagnostic tool with applications in the Empower U class, you will greater understand yourself and how to use your gifts more fully. There is a one time $20.00 fee that gives you lifetime access to your results and the StrengthsFinder applications. Taught by Pastor Randy and a team of leaders, this is a great class to take with others from your family or ministry. Limited to the first 20 to sign up. You will receive an email with links to the online portal after you register.