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The cross of Christ has secured our salvation, extends forgiveness, and displays the extravagant love of Christ. We live in the victory and joy of Christ's resurrection! This is the greatest, most precious gift, which we have received at no cost, but Christ paid the highest cost.  Therefore, having freely received, we freely give!


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Text to give 

Securely text any amount to 770-809-6155. After you set this up (it takes about 3 minutes) you can text to give anytime. This can be tied to a debit or credit card. Upon giving you will receive a receipt.

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Online giving

Giving online is easy and safe. You can set up recurring donations and also view your contribution history at my.gfc.tv. Grace Fellowship has many branches so make sure your gift is going to Grace New Hope.

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Giving kiosk

If you’re on campus, you can use a debit or credit card at the Giving Kiosks located in the auditorium. You need to be registered at my.gfc.tv before you use this for the first time. You can swipe any card at the giving kiosk.

Donate Items

Stocks, vehicles, boats and other items can be given to the church.
Please contact Randy Rainwater (randy@gfc.tv)

Sunday Offering
Any money put in the offering in cash or checks will go towards Grace New Hope. Should you desire to designate money towards a specific area, such as building fund, please use an envelope. You can check your contribution history at my.gfc.tv. Contact tammy@gfc.tv regarding questions


 Our staff would like to extend a huge thank you to you and your families on account of your generosity.This church and the communities it touches are tremendously blessed by each and every dime that is so graciously given by you all- we truly couldn't do it without you. Thank you for sacrificing to support and participate in our church family's mission to reach the neighborhoods, nations and next generations!